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Jacek Czaplicki

Jacek Czaplicki is a remarkable real estate agent with over a decade’s professional experience in the field. Since becoming a part of such a noble profession, and he has consistently exceeded the expectations of his clients, leading to the growth of his client base. As a realtor, he displays well-oriented professional knowledge and understanding of the industry, making him a valuable asset.

Jacek specializes in negotiations, property acquisition, property analysis, as well as guiding clients on the best decisions to make. He completed multiple courses and continuing education to stay focused and abreast of the changes in the real estate market. Moreover, Jacek works actively with the Board of Realtors as well as MLSLI (Multiple Listing Service of Long Island). With a rare combination his excellent digital marketing skills and entrepreneurial prowess, from owning multiple businesses, he provides more efficient solutions for listing properties. For him, excellent communication is the key. However, Jacek showcases outstanding customer service, vast knowledge, communication, reliability, and enthusiastic response to projects.

Jacek also recognizes the need to bring exceptional service to his clients, and so strives to be professional at all times. His display of well-oriented expert knowledge of the industry has continued to pave the way for his tremendous success in the field.

Jacek is a dedicated, passionate, diligent, and highly responsive realtor. Likewise, he stays consistent, dependable, and accurate in carrying out responsibilities to a successful conclusion. Jacek is committed to a cost and time-effective way to ensure the best solution is reached smoothly and quickly. Like any other successful realtor in the industry, he has captured the essence of becoming a real estate agent and soars in his sole responsibilities to his clients.